5 Best URL Shortener Tools You Can Use to Shorten Links

Have you ever tried posting a link somewhere else, but found it a little bit frustrating by looking at its length? Well, most of the social media platforms don’t even let their users post long links as they look somewhat suspicious. Despite looking suspicious, it can also impact your conversion rates and sales.

To solve this issue, we have come up with some best URL shortener tools you can use to shorten your links. All these tools don’t just let you make your links short, rather they also let you track your visitors, their demographics, interests etc.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best URL shortener tools here.

List of 5 Best URL Shortener Tools You Can Use to Shorten URLs


BITLY is one of the best URL shorteners that lets you shorten URL within just a few clicks. Despite doing so, it also serves you with a detailed report of traffic analytics which you can use to improvise your customer experience. Larger brands like Mcdonald, Dunkins Donuts trust BITLY for their efficient services.

The platform is completely free to use and hardly takes more than a second to shorten a link. All you have to do is simply visit their platform, paste your link and click Shorten. Boom! Your short link is ready.


GOO.GL is another best URL shortener that you can use to shorten a link quickly. To access their services, all you need to have is a Google account and you are ready to shorten a link. It also offers some analytics report for every link that you shorten.

You can track clicks, traffic stats such as demographics, gender and all in real-time. All this information will make you capable of understanding what your audience wants and expects from you.


BL.INK is one of the best URL shortening platforms that comes with over a dozen different tools to shorten and track clicks of your shortened URLs. The platform also lets you create custom short links for better branding and enhanced online promotions.

However, BL.INK is a great platform for shortening URLs, but the only downside is its limitations which they impose on their users after a certain use.

4. Tiny.cc

Tiny.cc is another hidden gem among the best URL shorteners available out there. It lets you shorten URLs with custom names to encourage branding. Just like other similar platforms, it has a detailed analytics report to offer which include the number of clicks, demographics, location, gender etc.

All this will help you to make corrections in your branding strategy. It also lets you create separate promotional messages along with shortened links for different platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc.

5. Yourls

Yourls is a popular open-source URL shortener that you have to host and run on your own server. You can download and install it to shorten links. As it is an open-source platform, you can customize it as per your own standards. It also comes with over a dozen different plugins that will definitely make your branding better.

It is built lightweight and doesn’t even take up a lot of space on your server. With their robust technology and real-time reporting, you can have complete analytics about your traffic clicks, demographics, location and gender.


That’s it! These were the best URL shortener tools available on the internet. You can use these platforms to shorten and create customized links. I hope you found our list of the best URL shortener tools useful. If you find them helpful, then do share them with your friends.

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