Top 5 Best Free Alternatives to CCleaner Software

Having a fast functioning computer can really make it easier to perform several tasks. But, without proper care, a computer can also go slower after a certain period of time. To overcome this, there are several programs available that let you clean your system.

CCleaner is one of the those and just like that, there are several alternatives to CCleaner too. You can make use of these alternatives to keep your computer clean and fast. So, let’s have a look at some of the best alternatives to CCleaner here.

The Incredible List of Best Alternatives to CCleaner Software

1. BleachBit

BleachBit is one of the best alternatives to CCleaner that lets you perform cleanup on your device. It can remove all the unwanted files and folders stored on your device. The best part is it doesn’t even take up a lot of space on your device.

Cleaning up with BleachBit is much faster than most of the similar tools out there. It has a simple interface with easy to navigate options which makes it pretty much simpler for users to clean up their device. Overall, BleachBit is the perfect alternative to CCleaner available till date available on both the Windows and Linux.

2. Clean Master

Clean Master is another best alternative to CCleaner specifically designed to keep your device free from junk files. Initially, they started out on Android, but later, they expanded their services to Window devices too. It is really good at doing junk cleanup and takes up only 5 MB of space.

It also removes the unnecessary files occupying a great deal of space on your device. The software also has a handy tool that lets you examine each and every application and detects viruses and vulnerabilities if any.

3. CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC is another hidden gem among the best CCleaner alternatives that lets you scan and clean junk files from your PC. In addition, it also removes the files with the invalid registry and optimizes the overall performance of your computer.

Despite all this, it also removes the unnecessary apps running in the background to improve the efficiency of your device. The program is completely free to use and works perfectly on devices like Windows and Linux.

4. System Ninja

System Ninja is a popular software that comes with a long list of handy tools specifically designed to keep your device efficient. Some of its tools are Junk cleaner, Startup manager, System Analysis etc. The junk cleaner can be used to remove the unwanted files occupying extra space on your device.

The Startup Manager lets you manage and remove the startup files making your computer slow. You can use its System Analysis tool to get important information about your device hardware and see whether it’s working fine or not.

5. Baidu PC Faster

Baidu PC Faster is another best free alternative to CCleaner capable of performing system improvements at regular intervals. It comes with a bunch of handy tools you can use to do system optimizations. One of those tools is its Quick Scan feature that lets you scan your device quickly for possible security threats.

In addition, it also lets users find out their usual boot time and suggest ways to improve it. It also comes with a feature called Game booster that lets gamers do a customized scan for a better and rewarding gaming experience.

Final Words

All of these were our best alternatives to CCleaner you can use to clean junk files from your device. We hope you find our list of best free alternative to CCleaner useful. If you found these tools useful, then don’t forget to share them with your friends.

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