How to Bypass blocked websites without any software

Suppose we are in college or school and want to bypass Blocked websites without using any software? Even I am in a college and most of the websites are already blocked by an admin of network some of my favorite websites are Facebook, YouTube, Daily Motion, Torrent, and so on websites I like but these websites have already blocked because of education purpose.

Normally in Colleges and schools Social networking and downloading websites have already blocked. Why they block social networking sites and downloading sites because of misusing the internet by students. Now you can bypass blocked websites at schools and colleges without knowing by someone just using the simple trick.

In this post, I am going to show you how you can easily bypass blocked website security just by using proxy sites. Don’t panic I will tell you about the proxy site below. For using the proxy site it does not need any deep knowledge of computers or the internet. So here we go..


  • Firstly you have to open proxy websites
  • Proxy websites are: Proxy site and zfreez
  • Now you have to enter URL which you want to open
  • And then Press Enter
  • Make sure you have unticked remove javascript and remove objects
  • Then allow for Cookies
  • Just it now you can surf The Internet without any blocking problem


Proxy sites are kind of websites that are used for accessing blocked websites without any tension. In proxy sites, user can simply access the internet as he/she using normal browsing. Proxy sites work like VPN which is a Virtual private network. Proxy sites are not usually blocked and so opening them is easy.

Once you open Proxy Site and enter the URL you want to surf, the browser doesn’t look at your computer to see which website has been blocked or not because it is surfing the Proxy Site and not the site you want. On the other hand, assume Proxy Site as another browser in another computer that you are using to surf the internet and that computer doesn’t have any website blocked on it, and hence you can bypass blocked websites with the help of Proxy Sites.