How to download Photos and videos from Instagram

Hey, guys From a long day I had not posted anything but now friends I come up with again amazing Instagram trick in which I will show you  how to download Photos and Videos from Instagram. Now a day Instagram becomes popular among the people most of the people using Instagram for sharing their important movement like the party, Chilling out with friends and so on. Now the Instagram becomes the huge social networking website.

According to me, An Instagram is 3RD biggest social networking site. It is an another product of Facebook and the facebook has become 2nd largest social networking site. The facebook is the best social networking site in which we can share our photos and videos with friends and chat with them. The best thing about facebook networking site is that its enable us to share any photos and videos, make anyone friend and so on features in facebook. Also, the reason behind for loving facebook is that everyone able to send a friend request to the unknown person and become a friend. I think this is the best feature introduced by facebook.


  • Download the Instagram app from here
  • Download the Insta video & photos saver app from here

How to download Photos and videos from Instagram

  • Open An Instagram app login or signup via facebook
  • Now Instagram home screen will appear like my screen
  • Now click on the three dotted menus from above
  • Click on share URL
  • Now Open the insta download video and photos app
  • Paste the URL in the search box and click on check URL
  • Click on the save Image bottom of the picture
  • select folder path and Choose image name
  • Click on download.
  • Just it finally your picture has download successfully


so in this guide, we learned how to download the photos and videos from Instagram or save pictures from Instagram without any android deep knowledge. Now we can download the Photos and videos from Instagram with easily. So friends it was the post on easy ways to download the photos from Instagram.