How To Fix This Copy Of Windows is Not Genuine Error

Windows not genuine- If you are a windows user then at often times your PC might have encountered this copy of windows is not genuine error.  And many think it to be a malware or a dangerous stuff. They are often scared of the windows Genuity error and most of the times it’s irritating being hindered by such an error. But, for all those users, frequently facing this error, this article will be worth.

You don’t need to worry about the error, it’s a common error and by the end of this article you will have a solution of how to fix this copy of windows is not genuine error.

So let’s begin with some basics stuffs, highlighting the causes and the solution to the error. Whenever you turn on your computer screen, your PC might annoy you with a popping alert message, something similar to as shown below.

“This copy of windows is not genuine error“, you might find it at the bottom right corner of your computer screen. Do not panic at such situations. It’s entirely a normal error and could be resolved within a quick span of time. But before resolving the issue, it’s advisable to know the root cause of the error. Here we are highlighting the reasons, why your PC shows up this error.

Causes Of  This copy of Windows Is Not Genuine Error:-

  1. The foremost reason of this copy of windows is not genuine error, could be that actually you are not using the genuine version of windows operating system, i.e., the original windows is not being installed on your computer and that is why the error keeps popping up.
  2. Many of you might not be knowing this fact, but it’s an essential feature. Once after installing the genuine windows on your PC, you might feel relaxed and secured about its Genuity, but it’s not the case. Once you have installed the genuine windows on your PC, you need to activate the same within a stipulated span of time, ignoring which can become the reason of your PC showing this windows is not genuine error.
  3. After all this is done, one more thing which is to be taken care of is that you need to keep an updated version of the windows OS to reduce the probability of such errors because an outdated version might end up showing the error.

So, you need to take care of these reasons, to avoid such errors and work smoothly on your device. Now we have completed the discussion about the causes of the error; our next objective will be HOW TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE?

How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Error

Before moving further, I would like you to demonstrate you about fixing this windows is not genuine error. Just follow the below guide for the best method for solving the windows 7 error.

  • For all those actually using a pirated version of the Windows OS. Your PC might always be showing up the message to fix this windows is not genuine error. As you might be well aware that when connected to the internet your PC automatically start searching for all the updates available till date and hence updates your PC with the latest updates being introduced. Doing so it might then show the message of this windows is not genuine. To resolve this problem, you just need to restrict your PC from auto-updating the updates being available. To do so, just follow the simple steps.
  • Firstly you have to open the control panel from start menu by searching
  • Then you have to go in windows update section
  • Now just click on “Install updates auto.” option from the menu
  • Just select Never check for updates
  • Now click on the apply option for saving your settings
  • It’s time for restarting your computer, do restart your PC

If the issue is caused by lack of permissions, to resolve you can disable the plug and play policy setting. The above can be accomplished through the following

How to solve “This copy of windows is not genuine”

The next reason, windows might be having an updated file that is capable of detecting Windows Operating System and hence can comment upon the Genuity of the operating. So simply if we can locate this update file, removing this file can serve the purpose. This updated file is named as “KB971033” To remove this file, follow these steps :

  • First of all, you have to open the control panel
  • Now click on system security option from control menu
  • Click on windows update option and now locate the option “view installed update
  • Now just find the update of KB971033 and uninstall it.
  • Enjoy, Now your PC will not cause this problem again. But don’t forget to restart your pc

NOTE: Never ever forget to restart your computer after applying changes to the computer settings, as these setting will come into play once you restart your computer.


So in this article, we provided you with many useful tricks regarding how to remove this copy of windows is not a genuine error in a quick and easy way. However, it is always advisable not to support the pirated version of windows and to install genuine windows on your PC.

You must always be very careful while working with the pirated version of windows. Whatsoever, we hope that you found this article useful and worth your time and we were able to resolve your issue!!! Stay tuned with us for more tricky solutions to your PC related problems ?